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Ultragrime Australia

Decorators Love Ultragrime

Clean your hands, tools and surfaces

Painter and decorators face many challenges when it comes to cleaning on a job. Not only do they have to keep their tools and hands clean they also want to make sure the customers home is left even better than they found it. This is why Ultragrime are the goto wipe of choice for many decorators. Their size makes even large mess manageable.

The easy clip lid is also a fantastic feature that decorators love. The wipes are easily removed from the packet and only one wipe pulls out at a time meaning no wastage.

The wipes remove, paint, oil, caulk and sealants. They are also safe on all surfaces including leather and upholstery meaning that you can clean up easily and safe in the knowledge you won’t damage any

Kind to skin

Hands are a decorators most important tool and it is important to look after them. Ultragrime have aloe vera and vitimin e extract and contain no alcohol. One of the best bits of feedback we recieve is from decorators who say they use Ultragrime all day without their hands feeling dried out and irritated.

Look after your hands and they will look after you! We pride our selves on making super soft, super strong wipes that are versatile enough to be the only cleaning companion you will need on the job.

Clean quickly, effeciently and more affordably with our super size packs.

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